Sat Dec 07, 9: Put the Gamepad Pro with its new cross back together and tighten the threaded rod inside the D-Pad. The GamePad also appears in the video game Jazz Jackrabbit as a power-up ; it appears in the same game as an advertisement in the background, which reads “All kids love Gravis GamePad”. Not as soft a feel as the original PSX controller it emulated, but never a problem for me. One of the pads that proves this inconsistency is Gravis’ entry into the low end market with the GamePad Pro. Aug 15, Posts:

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It’s easy and will allow for two people to play on your computer even if you are one of those poor souls with only one controller port. I know, the gummy sheet underneath will gravis gamepad pro it in place even better but every little bit counts!

Gravis PC GamePad

My Dual Shock controller was already broken anyway and gravis gamepad pro that Gravis Gamepad is just a nightmare that makes every game feel terrible gravis gamepad pro exhausting… so why not try to modify something? The pad looks and acts almost exactly like the original PlayStation controller, which if you play any console games will clue you in on the functional design. I would say your problem is most easily fixed by getting a decent d-pad.

The gamepad doesn’t come with an analog joystick gravis gamepad pro the flight sims and 3D platform games a little more difficult, but that is one of the prices you pay for having to pay less of a price. Mon Dec 09, I’m laughing like an idiot.

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Gravis PC GamePad – Wikipedia

I’ve got my PSOne lying around somewhere; are gameppad any adaptors for those available? Languages Italiano Edit links. It doesn’t control as well gravis gamepad pro games such as StarLancer however.

In my experience, the buttons on mine were always rather loose, and only got gamepzd so with somewhat extensive use. The GamePad Pro employed advanced signaling techniques referred to as “GrIP” to allow for both the use of ten buttons and gravis gamepad pro simultaneous use of up to four controllers connected by the controller’s built-in piggyback plug. Still, it may take a little getting used to for those of you born with bear paws, so you may want to think about finding a bigger gamepad.

What are you talking about? Plus gravis gamepad pro get analog sticks. Welcome to the Ars Gravis gamepad pro. Originally posted by zathras2: It’s a little big for my taste, mainly due to the socket in the middle for screwing in the joystick, but it doesn’t really detract from gaming as you I got used to it very quickly.

If you only ga,epad play games on your PC that require that type of controller then it’s a waste of maney to buy anything more expensive.

That way the portion that goes up will fit inside the D-Pad gaps and will help the cross to stay in its intended place. My Gravis gamepad pro Pro has served me well for several years, but what everyone’s said about the frustrating controls is dead on.


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This gave all four buttons functionality even in PC games that only supported two buttons on joysticks or for scenarios when two gamepads are connected with a Y-splitter. The four top buttons two on each side are gamepar sized and placed gravis gamepad pro. Vendetta Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: I do however have big hands.

Kiki Joy adapter Kiki-Joy Adapter question and a couple gamepad reviews I personally had no problem gameoad it. Sun Dec 08, 5: At least mine was white, some are grey like the one on the following pic. Both switches can gravis gamepad pro used at the same time.

Thu Dec 12, 4: Grravis would, however, suggest you ask someone you know IRL and know you have similar tastes as far as these thigns are concerned. For sports games like NHL and racing games like the upcoming Midtown Madness 2 gravis gamepad pro the beautiful NFS Porsche Unleashed, the controller provides all of the control that you could want or need. Apr 12, Posts: