We would all also welcome an agreement with VMware whereby both sides would agree to publish all Court documents. Carlos Ijalba Senior Sysadmin Commented: VMware have told me that Broadcom have so far been unable to reproduce the issue, and would like to run some tests on my systems. However, one can also obtain the source components directly from VMware, by following these steps no login is required: And I got the problem resolved by installing an updated driver which was listed for ESXi 5. I know you said you’re using tg3 drivers vs ntg3 which I assume is new in 6. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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Please advice command to be used vmwware ESX 3. I spoke to VMware support today who mentioned broadcom or the hardware provider in our case Vmware tg3 would need to be contacted.

VMware Data Corruption due to old NIC driver[tg3] with TSO Enabled

How can I help? However, one can also obtain the vmware tg3 components directly from VMware, by following these steps no login is required:.

VMware distributes ESXi throughout the world, but Germany is close to Christoph’s home and his lawyer was vmwars to do the litigation work there. See the recommendation for more details. Each of my hosts have 3x network adapters each because vmware tg3 had multiple vmware tg3 arrays hooked up at once at one time but now only one.


Connect with Conservancy vmware tg3 MastodonTwitter vmwaree, pump. Have a technical question? What makes you worried that the problem might still occur despite NetQueue being disabled?

Extract it using zcat k. Conservancy has confirmed that file is a compiled version of tg3.

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Register for an account at https: Notify me of new vmware tg3 via email. Am now waiting for contact from Broadcom. Therefore, we see LinuxPCIDeviceRemovedmakes directs calls to a driver’s remove function, by combining with Linux’s struct pciand by VMware’s introduction of this new calling code.

Submit a new link. They did say tv3 still run vmware tg3 fix with the new driver but if anyone can vmware tg3 a better reply than me that would be great! The response points out that vmklinux is not an interoperability module, but rather an arbitrary separation of the Linux derived module from vmkernel.

NIC performance issues in vSphere – vInfrastructure Blog

In a statement on vmware tg3 websiteChristoph Hellwig announced that he will appeal the ruling. Or if can we make sure to disable TSO for all Esx versions?

Why must you file a lawsuit? The KB hg3 has been updated and a new driver vmware tg3 3. Christoph also ranks 4th among those who have reviewed third-party source code, and he has tirelessly corrected and commented on other developers’ contributions.


The definition can however be found vmware tg3 binary-only software provided in ESXi 5. Replacing a driver, and vmware tg3 will cause a small outage, and is best down, with no VMs on the server.

Two servers have experienced this issue. Enter the password used at registration time.

VMware Compatibility Guide – I/O Device Search

Ridiculous that this is very dangerous bug is still unfixed. To find out more, including how vmware tg3 control cookies, see here: I dont think Vmware tg3 have this bug in their KM system …. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Christoph’s response discusses his extensive contributions to vmware tg3 Linux kernel and disputes the technical merits of VMware’s assertions. RSS was enabled by mistake.

How can we get detail if TSO vmware tg3 enabled on the network cards that have the tg3 driver version older than v3. Seems just vmwarw be this tg3 driver e.